The Fisher King MOVIE

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Yesterday after i done all the things i need to do i just watch a great film. Before i am wondering what am i going to watch because i have lots of movies in laptop so i am thinking what is the best to watch.

The movie is "The Fisher King" starring Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges. The movie is about a radio DJ (Jeff Bridges) as Jack Lucas which is a fan called to him and something Jack told to the man that pushed the man to kill some random people in the bar where Parry's (Robin Wiliams)  just got killed. A news heard Jack and he feel so sad about it because he thinks he is the one that pushed the man to kill such seven people in the bar. While being drunk in the streets he was attacked by two people and then saved by Parry which is the one that got killed his wife and he is now retarded which is because of of the death of his wife in front of him. Parry and Jack meet and then Parry sad the he is the one that need to find the Holly Grail and their friendship continues. Jack feel he has a commitment to Parry because he thinks he is the one that blames for the incident that cause him to be like that.

This is a great movie and i hope you will watch it.