The Float figure of Sawara

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Last month we went to SAWARA .

SAWARA , A town of canals by the Tone River , is a vibrant community known for it's autumn and winter festivals . 

The dynamism of these festivals can be experienced at " DASHI  KAIKAN " , two of twenty - four floats shown up close . "

DASHI is a generally a float pulled on the streets at festival time , decorated with a figure of a mountain , fish , doll , bird , animal , or plant . The word  DASHI was derived from the word describing the targeted location where GOD descends down.

The wooden floats are mostly made of ZELCOVA TREE . They are surrounded on all four sides by ornamental handrails and are decorated with twisted fresh straw ropes as well as gorgeous canopies . This is because the DASHI is considered a symbolization of the throne .


BIG DOLLS of 4 meter high or other kinds of symbols are set on the top of the FLOATS . 

Luxurious dolls were made by experienced craftsmen of  Edo .





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