The Function of the Bio-medical Engineer in the hospital

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 The Hospital of the medical engineer instrumental in the hospital because of the beginning of construction of the hospital has an important role in terms of the layout and graphics and tools.

The Function of the engineer in the hospital:

Medical engineer is inter-observer variability for general maintenance and the maintenance in hospital maintenance may be daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual or annual.

In the day-to-day maintenance are supervising devices.

Either on weekly or monthly maintenance or annual or semi-annual maintenance is Alabama (if disabled) are the responsibility of the company and in most cases be dangerous devices and warranty may be cancelled if you open the device.

And the hardware must be at its best.

And the hospital is divided into several floors:

First floor:

a reception and emergency and laboratory and Radiology Department.

Second floor:

contains the operation rooms and Department of medical devices.

Third floor:

patient rooms.

Fourth floor:

with private rooms and intensive care and cardiac care.

And in intensive care there is a doctor and a nursing supervisor responsible for 24 hours.


Written by: Mohammed Hussein

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