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Summary: Some thoughts about the value of time and how you deal with the present, past and future times of our lives. Every bit of the time we spend here on earth plays an important role in making our lives worthwhile.

It is so precious and yet so common that everyone, living and dead, has at some point in their life possessed it.

Time is one of God's many free gifts. It is the one thing, apart from air, that all, both young and old, rich and poor share equally. It is the universal constant. 453,240 hours, 32 minutes and 12 seconds is how long I have been living on this earth up to this time.

God controls eternity as He does all things. He declares the end from beginning. Our times in God's hands. Don't waste, spend, or kill time. Treasure it!

There are many things in our past that we reminisce about, regret, and wish we never repeat. If we were to hold on to all our sins and failures of the past, we would be paralyzed.

It's not hopeless. If we come to our loving God and truly repent of our sins wit a sincere heart, He promises to forgive us completely. That's great news!

God's power can transform anyone whose past was filled with sin (like mine) and make them into a new creation. He gives us a new heart, mind, and will. That doesn't make us perfect!

Learn from the past, repair whatever you can, and move on. God can restore our past by renewing our present and revolutionizing our future!

How many of us are so distracted by the things around us that we don't seem to live in the present? We even fail to enjoy the moment with our families and friends.

We are there physically but, mentally and emotionally, we are somewhere else. I'm so guilty of this.

Do we really listen when others speak? It not only frustrates them, it also ruins the time we share with them.

If we would just sit back, take a deep breath, and realize how precious our present moments are--- let's not waste them.

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not yet here, live in the gift of "NOW"...that's why they call it the "present".

It's so easy to get overwhelmed by the what-ifs, the how-will-it-be and where-do-we-suppose thoughts about our future.

Nothing wrong with planning, it's highly recommended.

But we mustn't be obsessed with anxiety and worry that we ruin or lives.

This is where we exercise our faith and trust in God.

If we truly believe that our history is His past, then we are in good hands!

Why fear, fret, and end up frustrated when we have such a faithful God?

Let's do our part and walk by faith as we abide in our source of life.

He will meet us in our future with arms open wide.

(Thanks to: Joby Soriano from hotjobs - Pastor Joby is a spiritual heart surgeon at Christ's Commission Fellowship)


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