The future of Afghanistan

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Afghanistan is struggling to get out of the inculcating loss of peace and development throughout the new elected government era.The current Afghanistan government faces so many challenges in internal and external environment far more than any other country.Internally,Some Taliban gangs forced the community to rebel against the current government and negatively  influence the population not to send their children(specially women) to school.Taliban remains taught that US and western countries has polluted their ideology by giving to the Afghan people in a cover of education,health and development matters and execute their national interest through the tactic of  aid and fundraising.Nevertheless,Afghan government don't agree with this Taliban rebels instead authorities of the government said that Taliban must be rejected and abolished from Afghan since it results killings of civilians by bomb squads on different populated areas.

Externally,Taliban and its allies are supported by some other 'anti western' ideology followers which may result for making a problem for the establishment of  a well developed Islamic country which is independently move towards the goal of achieving the visions.

Generally,the future of Afghanistan is vested on the hands of the people that if each individual struggles to build his/her country,there will definitely be a country with great arms of economy,politics and social settlement.

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