The future of mankind is in danger: LACK OF NUTRITION IN FOOD

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Irakli Loladze

Once upon a time in 1998, there was a student named Irakli Loladze.  He was studying for PhD in Mathematics at Arizona University. One day Irakli Loladze went in his friend's class with him where a professor was giving a lecture on Biology. Actually, Irakli was interested in Biology too. However, an oddish incident took place there.

Professor told the students that he recently discovered a strange thing while researching on Zooplankton in the laboratory.

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Zooplankton are the small living things that can be found in oceans and lakes. They usually keep themselves alive by eating Moss or Algae. And fishes live by eating them. Therefore, Zooplankton is having a great importance in oceans.

Let's see the picture below how Zooplankton look

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Research of the Professor

The biology professor researched that "Why to increase the enumeration of Zooplankton?" At the very first stage of the research, he put the light (Artificial) on the Algae (grew in a water tank). Due to continuous lightning, Algae started growing fastly. Thus, the Zooplankton in the water tank started getting more food and the population of Zooplankton increased naturally by virtue of better food.

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But soon a strange thing came out that despite having abundant food, Zooplankton started dying by and by. After watching this, the biology professor and his comrades were astonished. Now they researched that why the number of deaths increased despite the abundant food? It was very surprising.

Research revealed that continuous light and high temperatures did increase the growth of Algae but the plant contained less Nutrition than before. The amount of sugar and carbohydrates increased in Algae while the amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients decreased.

Having made the growth of Algae faster, As if the experts actually transformed it into the junk food. Zooplankton did have abundant Algae but they could not avail the desired nutrition... Therefore, weakened bodied Zooplankton started dying before time.

Impacts of Fossil Fuels


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Irakli Loladze was a mathematics student but I have written above that he was interested in biology too. He started thinking that due to Fossil fuels (Coal, Oil, Gas), the temperature is rising worldwide. Does this rising temperature reduce the nutrition in all plants? For instance, nutrition in the grass decreases and cows/buffaloes start getting weak due to lack of required nutrition. Similarly, the amount of nutrition declines in rice and it just remains as a junk food.

Most of the plants in the world prepare their food by sunshine or artificial light, Carbon dioxide, and water. The food is preserved in the plant as sugar, carbohydrates, vitamins, and other nutrients. During the preparation of this food, oxygen is precipitated as waste artefacts. Due to the same oxygen flow, there is life on the planet. This all system is called "Photosynthesis" in scientific language.

Greenhouse Effect

The atmosphere of the earth contains 78 percent Nitrogen and 21 percent Oxygen. These both gases are transparent that means the light pierce through them. The remaining 1 percent part of earth's atmosphere consists of Greenhouse gases which include Water vaporCarbon dioxideMethaneHalocarbonNitrous Oxide, and Ozone.

These are all non-transparent gases and the light gets absorbed in them. These Greenhouse gases play an important role in maintaining the temperature of the earth. The half part of the earth is under sun lights or sun rays. When night comes on the half part of the earth, it starts getting cool. Then the heat (absorbed in the earth) begins to rise again.

Some parts of this temperature are absorbed by Greenhouse gases and the rest escapes into space. This process is called "Greenhouse effect" and because of it, our Earth's temperature remains around 15-degree Celsius. Without Greenhouse gases, the half part of our world may have to face severe cold and most of the life there will be extinct.

The problem is that if the amount of Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increases, the Greenhouse effect also becomes powerful... That means it increases the temperature of the earth. Our earth is currently in danger of this problem as it is getting warmer on every coming day and this issue has taken place to a great extent through human activities.

Industrial Revolution

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When the Industrial Revolution began after 1750, human started to use Fossil fuels extensively. On that time, there were 288 parts of Carbon dioxide included in every one million parts of the gases produced in the atmosphere of earth. Today that number has increased up to 400. The reason is that a large amount of Carbon dioxide is emitted into the air due to burning Fossil fuels. According to experts, the quantity of the parts of Carbon dioxide will reach at 550 by 2075 because humans are using Fossil Fuels as usual.

Different activities related to human are also increasing the number of other Greenhouse gases. For instance, the process of rumination of the buffalo and cows produces Methane. It absorbs 30 times more light than Carbon dioxide. Halocarbon gases are used to manufacture plastic. So when the plastic is burned, these gases reach in the air. One part of these gases absorbs "ten thousand times" more light than a part of Carbon dioxide. Having emitted from the farming process, Nitrous Oxide meets the air. It is also a powerful Greenhouse gas.

Excessive Carbon dioxide for humans

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The excessive amount of Carbon dioxide to the extent of plants is hazardous for mankind. The reason is that billions of people worldwide use food, vegetables, and fruits to fill their stomach. If the nutrition keeps on reducing in these plants, then the age of human will also keep on decreasing and men, women, and children will start dying before time due to weakness. Obviously, when the human body does not get the required nutrition, it becomes weak.

After the experiment of the Zooplankton, Irakli Loladze was the first person who realized that the amount of Carbon dioxide gas is increasing in the air. Is this increment compiling any effects on the plants because they use Carbon dioxide during Photosynthesis? He contacted various universities and academic institutions but scientists did not research on this topic anywhere in the world. Irakli was astonished because it is a very serious risk to put the human survival in jeopardy.

However, he started researching himself on this issue. Meanwhile, in 2004 the five-year research of Biologists from University of Texas came out with amazing results. They appraised in their research that how much nutrition has been decreased (in more than 40 types of fruits, vegetables, and grain) from 1950 to 1999.

Experiments to increase the production of food

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It is to be clear that since 1950, the experts have been doing various scientific experiments to increase grain, vegetable and fruit production. During that time, such sort of seeds were produced that can give more production and intercept insects. As if all observations were to invent such scientific methods by which the production of grains, vegetables, and fruits could be increased. Experts from Texas University discovered that it was "5 or 40 percent" nutrition reduced in grains, vegetables and fruits due to adopting unnatural ways.

In this sense new type of manures have also been introduced that made the earth artificially fertile. But the Earth gradually deprived of its natural power. They did not only give bad effects to nutrition but the taste was also affected. This is the reason that now people often complain that foods do not have the taste like before.

Disclosure of Irakli's research

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There Irakli continued his research and experiments. Some time ago he completed his research which revealed another wonderful disclosure. According to his research, all important VitaminsMinerals, and other Nutrients i.e CalciumPhosphorusProtein etc, has been decreased in the last half-century. Some foods have more and some have less reduction of nutrition. But nutrition is reduced in all foods compared to the past.

Our Immune System can get feebleness by not having required nutrition. Remember that billions of people around the world are subsisting on grains, vegetables, and fruits especially countries with more population i.e Wheat, Rice and Pulses are eaten widely in China, India, Pakistan, and Nigeria. But due to lack of nutrition in these foods, people are becoming the victims of body weakness, infirmity of mind, and Anemia.

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