The Hajj

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The Hajj

The Hajj The definition of "Hajj" is "to set out with definite purpose". This "definite purpose" is to fulfill their duty to God. All Muslims able to complete the journey do so in the 12th month dhul-hijjah in the Islamic calendar.

The Hajj is completed by all Muslims who are able, the sick and the old are exempt from it, and they do separate things to commemorate the holy pilgramage.




The exact itinerary when setting out on the Hajj has been completed as written in the Qu'ran for centuries before. It must be completed exactly as recorded.

After traveling to Mecca, the first step is the Ihram. They must cleanse themselves in body and mind then dress in white, this symbolises that they are all equal.

The next step in the Hajj is Tawaf.

They circumambulate the Ka’bah seven times in the al-Haram Mosque in Mecca then say a prayer called the Talbiyah which goes as follows; "Here I am, Blessed God, here I am! Thine is the kingdom, the praise and the glory, O Thou without equal, God Alone!" Also, in the al-Haram Mosque is the Black Stone, this is considered holy by Muslims.

After repeating the Talbiyah, they complete what is called the Sa’y. They run between the two hills called Safa and Marwa.

This is where Hajar, Abraham's wife, looked for water.



She left Isma’il, her son, on the ground while she ran between the two mountains in search of water. When she came back to her child, the angel Jibra’il showed her a spring of water at the feet of Isma’il.

She named the well Zamzam. Muslims visit the Zamzam well during the Hajj and purchase water while there to bring back to Muslims unable to complete the journey.

Muslims completing the Hajj then stay overnight at Mina. Wuquf is the next stop in the Hajj where they stand at Arafat for the whole day. It is a great test of perseverance and constitution.

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