The Haunted Castle [Story by Haider Khan][Part 2]

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"What the!, Where are we!" Said David with fear. "Don't know, I think we must have fallen into a ditch" Said John comfortly. "What do you mean by ditch! Like a trap, a ditch trap!" exaggerated David. "Just.. just shut... shut up!" Cried John with anger. John looked around him, as so David. He could see nothing but darkness. He slid his hand into his pocket, and took out a lighter, with a mini torch on its other end. "Wow, you one careful guy!" Said David, and then John replied, "This is all because of me smoking, so praise smokers!" "Yeh Right!" replied David.

As he turned on the light, they saw three holes in front of them. They were so small, you were to crouch to pass it. They decided to go right, as right is always right! As they crouched, they saw a door near by. They started taking longer breaths. "I think that's the way out" said David. "I never beleived you being so genius David." Said John sarcastically. As they erached the door, they decided to open it, and then they did. Just as they opened they saw a huge Basement underneath them. It was like another world existed down their. But what they saw was some what like a factory. Their were clockworks everywhere. The most interesting thing they saw, was a containor, with all the kids toys in it that fell into the yard. "Oh My God!" Said David surprisingly. "Thats where its all taken" Observed John. 

"Let's go call the police!" Said David with haste. "And how do you suppose we do that genuis David?" Said John Sarcastically. "I knew it, you were sarcastic before too." Said David with a frowned face. Then just under them were stairs that led down. "You are not thinking what I am thinking about you?" said David with an astonished look. "Well, yes, I am!" Said John as he suddenly gripped the ladder and went down. David followed, but his fear and shakening legs made it alot difiicult to go down the ladder.

End of PART 2

Written by Haider Khan

Student of Olevels

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