The Haunted Castle [Story by Haider Khan][Part 3]

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"WohooOOOOO!" Shouted John as he slid down the ladder. David was trembling with fear, he could not believe what he was doing. He thought how unfair he has been with his parents, they must be so worried. But the question in his mind was that why was John so excited? "Wow, this is so unbeleivable!" said John. He looked around him, and saw clock works, huge machines, and glass containors that carried all the toys. As they moved forward, they saw a door. John was the first to volunteer opening the door. As he opened, both of them shocked as their jaws hanged. 

They saw a huge , very huge room that contained a machine, which was eventually used to join toyss together and gave them life. They eventually were roaming aorund as guards. "Holy!" What the Hell! Are these toys moving or am I hullicinating!?" Asked David in astonishment. "I am as suprised as you are David" Replied John. But to their dissmay a toy saw them. It instanly jumped and moved towards them. "RUN! R.... UN!" Cried John. Both of them ran as quickly as possible. They ran and ran, without seeing where they were going. They just had one thing in mind, save their ass no matter what happens.

Atlast, they were able to save them selves, but the problem was now, where were they? "Okay, I think we are lost." said John calmly. but then David Cried, "What! LOST! We,,, we are... .LOST! HELL!! I AM SCARED MAN! WE ARE LOST!!" "Dont go Retard bro, keep your voice low!" said John as he whispered.

Now, the mission for them was, to find a way out of the mess they were in, but how? John was a clever boy as you would have noticed fform the start. He thought that Basements always had openeings on one end. They just had to find that opening. 

End of Part 1

Written by Haider Khan

Student of Olevels  

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