The Haunted Castle [Story by Haider Khan][Part 5]

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After a long time searching for a way out, John and David were exhausted. "Dammit! I can't walk anymore! I am done! DONE!" Cried David, with alot of breath being taken. "Don't worry bro, we will get out of here, soon, I hope." Confirmed John, although in his heart, he had no idea what to do and where to go, how ever he tried his best to keep David calm.

John, moving ahead, and David following his back, they moved on but unfortunately the basement had no end, they just couldn't find it. However John did not lose his morale, he did not give up. As they were walking, a huge wall faced them, and it contained alot of doors. They didn't knew which door led to where? However they had to go and had to pass a door in front of them, they again chose right as they knew, that right is always right. 

As they moved in and opened the door, they saw a.... .a .... man, wearing a white rope, with long white hair, although messed up. but as he heard the door open, he stopped working and looked behind, just as he saw them, he shouted "What. WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN HERE!!! HOW DID YOU FIND YOUR WAY!" John replied, "Look sir, we came here by chance, we didnt want to come either." "Agh! You saw my secrets, you saw my walking toys! No one else has except me! This means you will tell everyone! You both...... must...... die!" Said the Old man with his eyes fixed at both of them. They quickly ran, and left the room they then decided to try another door,but as they entered, they saw themselved in the same room, again! These doors led to the same room! It meant that the way out, was here some where. They decided to overpass the old man, and try to escape, as John peeked through the door, he saw a window, up above near the roof. The roof was 20 -25 feet above.

So how will they excape? Find it in the Last Part.

End of Part 5

Written by Haider Khan

Student of Olevels


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