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Hello guys!

Today I am going to write about a most favourite thing of mine. I love to eat it, and I hope almost all age groups love it. I am talking about chocolate. Yes! Chocolates

Whenever anyone offers me chocolate I cannot stop myself from eating it. I think all of you also feel the same. But, we often hear from our elders that don’t eat it, it’s not good for health. It’s only a myth, chocolate also has many health benefits. In this article, I am elaborating some of the major benefits of chocolates.


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Is every chocolate is good for health?

But before that, let me clear which chocolate is good for our health. The ordinary chocolate bar found in candies is not that chocolate which is good. This chocolate is filled with impurities and sugar only, which cause weight gain. But Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health. It’s the only chocolate which is made from the seeds of the cocoa tree.


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While eating chocolate, we must choose the right one because every chocolate is not created equally. The potential health benefits of processed, highly sweetened chocolates are none. While dark chocolate has numerous health benefits.

All those benefits I am explaining in the section below are the benefits of dark chocolate. So, don’t mix it with every local chocolate bar. The darker the chocolate, the more it is good from health point of view.

***Benefits of Dark chocolates***

Let’s just check out the impressive health benefits of dark chocolate.

1. Dark Chocolate improves mood


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One of the most amazing benefits of chocolate is it randomly make your mood good. Your mood matters a lot when you are stressed or worried. Fortunately, dark chocolate helps in improving mood and making you work better. It’s not just a myth, it’s a proven fact. The scientist made researchers on “IS CHOCOLATE IMPROVES MOOD?” The result shows that after eating chocolate the efficiency and mood of people get better.

Whenever my mood is a bit off or something is irritating me, I just rush to the market and buy some chocolates.  It always works and refreshes me.

The taste and smell of chocolate stimulate feel-good areas of the brain. So, whenever you are feeling down or overworked, take few bites of dark chocolate and see the magic.

2. Dark Chocolate also prevent cancer


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Dark chocolate and cancer prevention? Isn’t it sounding weird? Yes! Off-course it’s hard to believe but it’s true. That tasty dark chocolate we love may also help us ward off cancer. The antioxidants in dark chocolate fight with the cancer-causing cells and make the body disease free. A small piece of dark chocolate can do wonders in the cancerous body also.

3. Dark Chocolate improves skin and protects it from sun


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Besides that, chocolate improves mood, it is also surprisingly superb for the skin also. Yeah! Chocolate helps you maintain healthy skin by modulating blood flowDark chocolate is actually good for the skin because it contains flavonoidsFlavonoids are the antioxidants that provide protection from UV (Ultraviolet) damage from the sun. Harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun can severely damage your skin, but dark chocolate provides a shield from the sunburn. Dark chocolate also has the ability to fight free radicals. Dark chocolate has the highest amount of antioxidant is believed to neutralize the free radicals. In this way, your skin will start glowing and stay safe from the harmful rays.

4. Dark Chocolate fills you up and makes you eat less

One of the most important problems of today is weight gain. Eating chocolate is also referred to the high amount of calories. But, eating dark chocolate will never cause weight gain rather it makes you fill for a longer period.


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One of the best snacks you can have during a break is a piece of dark chocolate. Because it fills you up quicker and reduces the craving for salty and sweet snacks. Chocolate with a high cocoa content is full of nutrients. A 100gm of dark chocolate contains all the essential nutrients needed by our body. Eating a small amount of dark chocolate makes you fitter and stronger than other snacks. Eating a chocolate bar as a snack is much better than heavy meals.

5. DarkChocolate promotes heart health


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The heart is the foremost organ of our body. A healthy heart reflects sound body while an unhealthy heart leads to numerous diseases. Taking care of our heart is very important. Regular chocolate consumption is associated with improved heart health. Regular chocolate eaters welcome a host of benefits, including lower blood pressure, and lower cholesterol level. Chocolate thins the blood and has an anti-inflammatory effect. The flavonoids in chocolate can help your arteries and veins to stay supple.

Researchers proved that eating dark chocolate regularly reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. Blood vessels remain to widen and relax due to consumption of dark chocolates. Cholesterol level remains balanced and hence heart function properly with having any disorder.  

6. Dark chocolates calm a cough


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Are you suffering from a cough? Here is an easy solution. Dark chocolate instantly calms a cough and make you feel better. An ingredient in chocolate called theobromine seems to reduce the activity of vagus nerve, the part of the brain that triggers a cough. Dark chocolate is better than having different cough syrups.


These are the magical benefits of the dark chocolate. I hope you must get surprised after reading all that but it’s all true. Dark chocolate is good for health and its proven fact. But, there are also some precautions related to dark chocolate.


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As we all know,” excess of everything is bad”. Similarly, eating chocolate in large amount can also have severe results. Some of them are headaches, gas, acne, allergic skin reactions and many more. If you do want to avoid all these problems besides enjoying chocolate, you should eat dark chocolate in an adequate amount. A small piece of dark chocolate is quite enough in one day. Count calories and eat chocolate accordingly.

Coming to end, I will just say that eat chocolate, deduct tensions and enjoy life by adding sweet things in life.

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 I hope you like reading this post. Thank you so much for reading that post. Stay tuned for further posts.


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