The Heroin Diaries - Nikki Sixx

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It is a very old review of mine that didn't do so well looking back now I can see why, it is really short I will update it one day with more detail 

The Book s written in the style of a diary and is meant to be actual extracts from Nikki's Diaries while he was at the worst of his Heroin addiction.

You find yourself getting totally sucked into the story and even if you know how his life has turned out you still get really attached to the character in the book and get upset with him in the sad parts and happy in the good parts. 
Every time things start going well in the book you find yourself hoping that this will be the recovery point and then you get really upset if things go bad again, therefore this book is definitely a keeper for me as you end up so involved reading it, even if you do end up almost shouting at the book.

There are some bits that are hard to read and there is a lot of darkness in the book so probably not for the faint hatred and not for someone who just wants to read about rock stars parting (although there is a lot of that to).

It basically gives you the darker less glamorous side of sex drugs and rock and roll, I am sure that a lot has been edited out of this book but as far as autobiographies go Nikki definitely lays him self much more bare than most have the guts to do.

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