The Highest-Rated 60 Minutes Episodes

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Getting massive television views take certain topics which piques the interest of people. It has to be something which everyone wants to know.

60 Minutes, a primetime show on CBS network, has been airing on the American television since 1968. The news magazine show created by Don Hewitt is the longest running news magazine investigative show in American history with currently over 2000 episodes. It has also been regularly among the top programs watched and well-known for its in-depth investigative reports. No doubt 60 Minutes won several prestigious awards like Emmy Awards and Peabody Awards, to name a few.

The show airs for 60 Minutes, 42 minutes for the program itself and 18 minutes for commercials. 60 Minutes shows a logo of a clock on the opening and ending of the program. The show doesn't have a theme song and only plays a ticking sound of clock when the clock logo appears.

The CBS show, 60 Minutes, is among the successful current affairs shows with lots of interesting episodes. Some may have earned them negative feedback but they definitely have their best and highly watched episodes too. For this blog, I will share to you some of 60 Minutes' most-watched episodes! You can find that out by interacting with the Querlo chat below!

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