The history of PixWords Game

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Despite so many games available on the internet, due to technology, the game of Pixwordsremained popular with people from all over the world and continues to challenge the minds of people who play this game.

The game of Pixwords was able to attract global attention and remains to be the best gamein the world Word.

History Of Pixwords

Pixwords was first played in England in the 19th century, Pixwords was first created for the elementary level, was derived from the word that means ' square.

The words were arranged so that the letters can be read horizontally and vertically, and thenwas printed and books for children and also served as puzzle books and newspapers.

When it was introduced in the United States, was introduced as a serious game for adults.First published Pixwords came from Liverpool and has been devised by Arthur Wynne.

Arthur Wynne is the one credited as the father of the inventor of the game or Pixwords.

Pixwords first appeared in 21.12.1913 and was published in a Sunday paper called the New York World.

The first Pixwords never had the same layout with Pixwords that we know today. The firstPixwords was diamond-shaped and had no black squares.

1920 Pixwords

After receiving much attention after the release of the game, the game took on newspapesand discovered that it was an effective game for people.

This would increase the number of newspapers sold in 1920, lots of added newspappersfrom United States formally a Pixwords puzzle for each edition.

During this period of time, play Pixwords that we know today was developed, after some time the game was introduced in the Atlantic Ocean and was able to experience a rebirth inEurope.

Pixwords British Invasion (1922)

United Kingdom was the one who launched the first Pixwords in a magazine, in 1922, the game was published in Pearson's magazine.

After this release, British newspapers were quick to adapt to the new puzzles and schemesfor inclusesem style Pixwords which was released in the u.s.

The British began the kind of cryptic Pixwords and gained immediately popularity thereafter.Cryptic Pixwords rules have been laid down by the AF Ritchie and D. S. Macnutt.

What is a cryptic Pixwords?

A cryptic Pixwords is far more complex than is formulated, it will make use of geometric patterns, but can be twisted in Word plays in order to engage the player in reflecting thedeeper into the game.

The puzzle is not solved so easily, offering the player a sense of satisfaction once you areable to finish the puzzle.

The inventor of the Pixwords puzzle game Sir Arthur Wynne made the game moreinteresting for the development of different strategies for weekly puzzle page.

He included a section of comics by eight pages in the newspaper and even devised a puncentering for Christmas in 1913 which makes the game even more popular.

After making an interesting game on December 21, 1913, he sealed the legendary Pixwords puzzle in the minds of people today the game still remains as one of the most interestingand challenging game.

During the game's first try was called Word-Cross and then involved the word slowly Cross-term. After many experiments he finally decided to introduce a pattern rectangle.

February 1914: an open invitation to submit: Pixwords

In order to engage more people to play the game, he encouraged readers to send their own versions of Pixwords in 1914.

This tripled the popularity of the game, there were so many Playes who gave their Pixwords-filing of submissions and errors cause huge typo newspaper had to stop putting outPixwords, but after a week of protests from readers have had to reinstall the game.

The Pixwords Craze all over the world:

The game was published as late as the largest part of the New York world, but when editorssuch as Dick Simon and Lincoln Schuster decided to publish a book containing a book of puzzles, including game sealed the fate of the Pixwords answers.

After his release, the book has attracted the attention of massively throughout the world, and the game quickly became a craze.

The introduction of different variants of Pixwords puzzles:

Most of the Pixwords that occur in North America will feature only solid areas of whitesquares, but Pixwords grids all over the world have their own design.

Countries such as the United Kingdom, India, Australia, and South America would make use of a lattice-like structure where there is a higher percentage of shaded squares.

Other models Pixwords coming from a traditional background would make use of a 180-degree rotation or radial symmetry.

The Japanese also have their own design for Pixwords networks, have added additional rules, such as adding the rule as shaded cells may not share a side, while the corner squaresmust be white.


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