The impact of educational advancement in the current Afghanistan

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                       Everyone agrees that education is the bullet of the overall development of a country in terms of social,political,economical and multicultural positions.Afghanistan has been continually bombarded by war and chaos for the last eleven years.During those days were Taliban was in power,the educational distribution and influence capability over the community of Afghanistan was very low.Most scholars believed that Taliban have only focused on the  'Islamic' theories of education than normal education.Women and children got the least position to get pure educational advancements that only the 'selected' lucky Afghan citizens would join to the advanced level of education.

                   After the fall of Taliban,the new US-NATO supported government has been trying to maintain quality education which is one of the pillar goals of the re-established  new free and fair government. Even though some of the remaining Taliban gangs have tried a lot to disturb the overall functionality of the democrat Afghan government,the long run of getting highly skilled,educated professionals of Afghan citizens is still on the truck.The primary and secondary educational distribution of the new Afghan government is somehow great but it needs to be strong enough for the establishment and successful output of the major students.With this in mind,financial funds should be released from various countries of the world for the sustainable achievement and developmental goals of the educational sector.The unique part of the current government in the educational sector is that the level of participation of children and women is becoming more and more.This progressive change is very crucial that the awareness of Afghan parents on their daughters and kids has slowly been changing.However,the government is waiting so many tasks on teaching Afghan parents about the use of education and the ultimate rights of women to get free education and be the main factor for the growth of their country.


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