The importance of helmet

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Everyday you we hear different types of accidents. We here untimely death of people due motorcycle accidents. Because of this the government has been encouraging us to wear our helmet every time  we drive our motorcycle. Some people may find using helmet very uncomfortable. But if we get use to it we will find it very helpful. It serves as our protection against untoward road accidents.

Just yesterday my friend died due to motorcycle accident. He was not wearing his helmet the time the accident happened. With this I remember the importance of wearing our protective gear, the helmet. I do believe that if my friend was just wearing his helmet that time his chance of survival would have been higher. He could have survived. 

Below is the picture of my friend who died yesterday due to  motorcycle accident. It was just shared to us by a concerned citizen who went to the actual scene.


That is why I am reminding everyone to always wear your helmet every time you use your motorcycle. Even if you will just be driving few kilometers from home, don't forget to  use this device. It is for your protection.

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