The importance of physical education

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Games and sports are the necessary parts of education. In the past, there was not much consideration for then in our schools and universities. But now their importance has been recognized. We find arrangement for them in every educational institution. The aim of education is chiefly the development of the mental and physical faculties of young men and women.

Games make a person healthy and active. They protect the strength and stamina of the body. They have a good effect on the mind also. They make our cheeks glow and shine. They enable us to resist against diseases. A physically

weak person cannot do the task assigned to him very well and concentrate on his work for hours. Our country today needs strong men who can face dangers and hardships with patience. Sports have now gained greater importance in the context of the present situation. Keeping in view the value of games, the government has opened sports clubs and provided incentives for sportsmen.

Sports have a great recreational value. They relieve one’s mind of anxieties. One forgets the fever of the world during the hours of play. it is really good to be in the playground playing games. Those who just stand and watch the game also derive great pleasure.

Games have a social value too we become full of sympathy. We make friends with others in playgrounds. Again, games promote the spirit of sportsmanship. Areal sportsman is not after victory and he is not depressed by defeat. He plays his role with credit.

Play grounds are the best places for learning the quality of discipline.

Sportsmen learn how to obey the laws and how to command them. Again, the Players learn team spirit and they work together under a captain. Sportsmen and sportswomen are always healthy. There is a proverb which says:”sane mind in a sane body.”

Games are not without disadvantages either. Sometimes students fail in the examination because of excessive devotion to sports. They don’t have any regular program for their weekly physical exercises.

In spite of this games are extremely useful. They help produce competent personalities who would bring progress and prosperity for national life.


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