The IndieGoGo Promo Video for The Nightmare Machine: Evolution of Darkness

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I thought that everyone might e interested in watching a Promo Video for the new Independent Horror Film I am producing, The Nightmare Machine: Evolution of Darkness.

This video features a table talk with our two lead actresses, Nicole Schneider and Natasha Romanova, as well as the head of our FX make up team, Emmy award winner, Keith Palmer. Lear how they feel about the film and what all the buzz is about.


I would love to hear your thoughts and biggest fears.

Have a good day.


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Six years ago I moved to NYC to pursue a career in acting and film. Today I am a playwright, an actor, and currently producing a new independent horror film, The Nightmare Machine: Evolution of Darkness. I'm not sure how it happened, but everyday us a new adventure and I…

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