The intent of governments in establishing restrictive measures is always to maintain the “ruling order

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The intent of governments in establishing restrictive measures is always to maintain the “ruling order,” which they sincerely believe to be the best possible; but the idea that order is synonymous with restriction is a dangerous fallacy for a country that also includes the idea of progress in its motto. Let us assume, for a moment, that the ideologies of either the Neoliberals or Roman Catholics, could be imposed on any country; and let us assume that this system was as sound as is declared by the central committees or the courts: even then, eventually such a system would become suffocating and restrictive. We cannot overstate that fact: progress is the fruit of the Law of Change. Evolution, whether individual, of a species, or of a nation, depends on the acceptance and integration of new facts, even when disagreeable, in our idea of continuity.

The maintenance and evolution of a species never depends on fixed vales, but on the assimilation of environmental changes and biological adaptation to such changes. Living creatures move from form, from nature, and even from function, even though they do this with the same slowness with which the geological ages occur. The importance is not to resist the one that is new, and to integrate it into our experience. This is the scientific method, and the method of true mysticism; this also must be the method of religion, therefore of philosophy, therefore of morality and patriotism.

It is our duty, therefore, to encourage, and not to fight, any person who feels he has a new idea; that each one expresses his idea, and fights for it, but that no one searches to impose its certainties on others through dogmatism or force. What has real value for the nation will demonstrate its value by spontaneous acceptance, slow that it may be, by our compatriots; as it is written: Success is thy proof. And what has value only for the individual, being completely limited in its scope so as to have no value for the greater society at-large is still a part of the inalienable right of the individual.

Whether your idea is of value to the society, or of value only to the individual, if it were expressed in a society corrupted by uncertainty or fear you can expect persecution, espionage, ostracism, slander, and even violence against your person. This is the result of the insanity of egotists placed in positions of authority: the deeper your idea is, the more it will be feared by the moral dinosaurs that infest your country, who fantasize that they are “commissaries of the people,” the “priests of the One and True God,” or “defenders of the Homeland.”

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