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On the 18th of May Cannes will host its third annual "Film Finance Forum."

But what exactly is "The Film Finance Forum" exactly?
The Film Finance Forum was born when the financial market collapsed for the first time. The forum was then created, bringing together the world’s highest level of entertainment and financial authorities to discuss the impact of the film industry on the global economy.
The emphasis of the forum is mainly on the dialogue and interaction between all participants. Participants are asked to collaborate and share their insights on how to challenge the current situation of the financial market: What are the current trends?,  How can the industry generate revenue through new distribution channels? and other pertinent questions.
Six panels will be held discussing these extremely interesting subjects:
1.) The Global State of the Film Industry/How to Get Films Financed and Made Today:
This panel deals with the new structures and capitals emerging in the current market. This calls to a different type of content that will be able to attract funds and raise finance. What approaches will be the best in this new scenario in this regard?
2.) Smart Money Strategies/Applying Risk Mitigation Across Borders:
This panel will consist of a group of experts who will address the latest strategies on how to reduce the risk of investment in order to make it a successful.
3.) The Impact of Piracy on Independent Film Production and Distribution
4.) International Co-Production/Finding Access to Partners and Utilizing Incentives Abroad:
During this panel discussion, a group of film commissioners will address the issues of the roles that co-productions are playing in the development of new projects. Main points will discuss distribution rights, legal issues, incentives and access to partnerships.
5.) US and Worldwide Sales and Distribution Strategies:
This panel will consist of distribution specialists who will discuss pre-sale strategies in various markets, the necessity of monetization on digital delivery platforms, (which are taking over the distribution channel), and emerging market trends.
6.) The Growing Importance of Documentaries:
Documentaries are becoming more and more important.  With this regard, elements like the appropriate choice of content, proper marketing tools and different finance approaches are of core importance to leverage the proper funding.

by Lucia Palombino

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