The Internet Age

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Internet is the power to navigate the world at the click of mouse. This is a great force that is transforming our lives every day. The first efforts to link computers with the telephone lines to operate as one system started in oct.1969, at the University of California. After several efforts the system successes and at last the teams linked the computers to the telephones lines in a demonstration that captivated bankrollers at the pentagon. Very soon a nation wide range of computers and telephones lines was designed to keep functioning and even a nuclear attack could not destroy this network.


Historically international trade flows always consisted mainly of material goods but with the internet it becomes much easier.  At present the US dominates the internet as more than half of its individuals are “online” whereas other industrial countries have hardly less than one quarter of their people online. This is the begging of new era, and with the new ideas diffusing quickly there is no chance of monopoly.


The internet may also turn the large portion of the service sector into export industries.  The “Higher education” is one of the  clear opportunity. But now internet is there to spread information and bring education to the doorsteps of all students. Financial service is another prime commodity for export. US operator’s operator such as” “is setting up internet based operations all over the world with the hopes of tapping into potentially huge market.


 In Pakistan although a bit later the modern and advanced level internet technology has taken firm roots. But in according to latest survey More than ten thousand websites are available to Pakistani users and they are availing to this facility. More than then thousand televisions stations of the world have been connected with the internet. More than ten million students. Doctors, business man and traders use internet for their information. By the internet we can get daily news updates currency rates and many other information which we require daily.


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