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Technological development has transformed lives and revolutionised the high demands, we have these modern electronics to keep us on track. These also help us stay connected with family, so-workers and friends.Of course,is such times the internet accompanied by some modern gadgets act is our best buddy. they are always there in times of need be it work or recreation. The invention of internet has turned our economy in a positive way too.Thoughts this we always in touch with the world and carry on our own business.At just the click of button we have the facility of sending our messages and pictures. But with this we also to face the negative side of this technology. When you are always connected with your work, you hardly find time family and friends . This hinder your social life. Like ll things it also had made it easier to be in touch with them even when you are  too busy at work or university . All your old pals , with whom you have lost contact , are known just a message away from you


Children have a bad impact on their mind. Eye sight can also be weakened by sitting three or four hours on a computer . So , these electronics devices and machinery have planed a considerable role in delivering customers with compact entertainment and un-paralleled level of communication. 




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