The Interview and the wrong criteria

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The interview is something easy to succeed.

You have to study well, get some info from the Internet about that kind of interview or that field and study the common questions around that field.

Wear formal clothes, smile to the interviewer, your tone has to be good, don't have your breakfast , try to be yourself, you have to study or know some etiquette for the interview  >> etc

Well, i'd like to say some personal opinions about  those things:

this is not an interview this is something i have not gotten any idea what can i call it.

When i mentioned study i meant the study of the common questions about that field exactly. you ask a question i studied its answer and i studied the tone and the expression i should do during such an answer.

and try to be yourself !!!

How can i smile when my facial expression originally is bad or straight naturally. "For Instance"

and try to be yourself !!!

How can i play with my tone when i originally have a bad tone. "For Instance"

and try to be yourself !!!

Why no breakfast  ?! i have no idea !!!

and try to be yourself !!!

On the other side.

What will you be in the next 5 years ?! I CAN LIE AND SAY GM OR WHATEVER

! Why do you want to work here ? <LIE

What will you give me after i hire you ? ! LIE

How can you be committed to the job ? !LIE


Why would i lie and the interviewer knows that iam lying and just a matter of  "like"

 <<   IT'S REALLY EASY TO LIE AND GET THE JOB. it's all about lying.

You can get me another offer instead of the interview .

You can put me in a real case with the company without money or small amount of money and see how i work or am i creative or not, etc

Why doesn't a company get me something like a real working life environment and monitor me in one month.


Well, there are some goods and some bads about the interview. i know i have some reservations about the interview criteria. BUT some reservations.

i have to say that i meant a percentage of companies all over the world  and percentage of Employed and unemployed People

And i know this is going to be weird for many and many people, but this is my opinion my point.

I Wish Luck For All My Friends...


Writer: Aly Elsom


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