The Kashmir issue

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The Kashmir issue is one of those problems which the UN has been unable to solve over the last 55 years. When South Asia was given independence by the British in 1947 AD, it was decided that the princely states (areas ruled by the princes under the British) would have the right to join either India or Pakistan according to the wishes of the people. Kashmir was one of the largest states, and the most important as many major rivers originated here. The raja of Kashmir was a Hindu while the majority of the people living there were Muslims. The Rajas army started harassing the people soon after independence, and as a reaction many warriors from the tribal areas of Pakistan entered the state of Kashmir to over through the Raja. However, before they could reach Srinagar, the capital city, Indian armies entered the valley on an invitation from the Raja. This was the beginning of the dispute between India and Pakistan. The United Nation Security Council orders that plebiscite (referendum) must be conducted to ask the people whether they wanted to join India or Pakistan. India never conducted this plebiscite, and the tension over Kashmir led to a full scale war between India and Pakistan in 1965 AD.         

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