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Filipinos are known for great love for foods and merrymaking. We never run out of an event to celebrate. Birthday, graduation, wedding and other events. The highlights of these occasions are the different kinds of delicious foods served for everyone to enjoy.


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During the old days, relatives and friends would usually come to help us during the preparations in the event that require gatherings. However, with the passing of time, people became so busy that they can no longer afford to set aside some time for the preparation. Though, the love for gatherings is still in our hearts. It is a part of a tradition that we inherited from our ancestors. 

In order to do away with time-consuming preparations, people started to get the services from caterers. This way, they could focus on the event rather than the preparations. Slowly, the catering business started to flourish in the market. 

Nowadays, not only during special occasions that we acquire the services of a catering. We also get the services during assemblies, meetings or conferences. It is more practical to get the services of a caterer rather than doing the preparations all by yourself. 

As the secretariat of the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) in our office, I am in charge of the preliminaries of the procurement process especially with those amount exceeding the amount of Php50,000 ($1,000). I have to upload an invitation to bid in the PHILGEPS before we could make a deal with any business establishment in our locality. Oftentimes, the activities we need to post are those activities that require catering services. On several occasions, we need a venue that could accommodate a certain number of participants. Sometimes, the caterer only needs to provide the foods and the utensils plus tables and chairs. 

A Closer Look at the Catering Service Business

If you are contemplating on what business to pursue this year, catering service is one of the businesses that you could consider. With the growing demand in the market for this type of service, we can somehow see a good future in this trade. Here are the things you should know in order to ensure success in this field.

A knowledge in Cooking


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Since you will be dealing with foods, having sufficient knowledge of the food preparation would be an advantage.  This is the first thing that the customers are looking for in a catering service. The food presentation and the taste. 

Though, it may not always be the case. Some of my friends who are into food business does not even know how to cook. But they do know how to taste. We can hire someone to do the food preparations. 

Designing Skill


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Customers always look for something that is pleasing to the eyes. Some events might be conducted outdoors or on venues other than our own place. We need to design our tables and chairs adopting the theme of the occasion. a good knowledge of designs can help us gain loyalty from customers. 

Here is another video that will give us an idea of how to design a table which would be beneficial in our catering business. Learning different designs will certainly help us create a name on this trade. Enjoy watching!

Video Credits: CV Linens via YouTube

Kitchen Appliances


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We should invest in high-quality appliances, kitchenware, dinnerware and cookware among others.  This would ensure that we have durable things which can be useful for a longer period of time. 

Tables, utensils and other tableware should always be ready. Make sure where to find water supply just in case you are going fo an outdoor event. 

The manner of Serving the Food


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As a caterer, we should make it a point to discuss the manner of serving the food before the conduct of the activity. This would usually depend on the occasion and the choice of the client. Some clients preferred plated service while others want an assisted buffet service.  Personally, I would prefer the assisted buffet. I wouldn't want food to be wasted which would usually happen with plated service. Though plated service would be advantageous during events with a large crowd such as general assemblies and conferences. 

Service Crews


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It is important that we have a group of competent service crews that could assist us during events. Allowing our staff to attend some training would certainly help. As the owner, it is a must that we know every task involved. Learning the business is the best thing to do before starting. 

Proper Waste Disposal


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Some individuals forget this aspect. Proper waste disposal should be considered for any occasion. We should see to it that we provide trash bins in order to prevent the people from throwing anywhere which may cause empty containers, wrappers and other food packagings from littering. 

Permits and Licenses


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As soon as you start your business, make sure that you secured all the necessary permits most especially the sanitation and health permits of each employee. The government is taking massive action against those businesses operating without the necessary documents. 

PhilGEPS Registration


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 If you wish to enter into a contract with the government, make sure that you registered with Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS).  We usually post our activities in PhilGEPS several weeks before the event, It is a required document which shall be posted at all times within the vicinity of the restaurant. 

When submitting a bid, we should place our bid quote and other in the sealed envelope along with the other required documents and submit it to the concerned agency.

On the final thought...

Focus more on the service we can provide to our clients rather than on how much we can earn. We should not compromise the quality of our food in order to gain more. Building the trust of our clients can benefit us in the long run.

Thank you, my friends, for dropping by! Meanwhile, here is a Querlo chat which you could answer after reading this content. Thank you...

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Date: July 25, 2018

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