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The meeting was over and the animals trooped to their dwelling. All but Elephant and monyet the monkey had arrived at the decision. Lion was to be their king. After all, he was the animals favorite animals. His roar was the loudest, his mane was the most majestic, and he was the only creature that could command so much popular support, awe and respect.


Well almost everyone agreed on that Elephant just could not understand what all the fuss was about while Monyet felt that Lion lacked intelligence. But then, who would want to listen to a monkey He was not even popular. To them, he was nothing more than a silly joker who was always posing riddles which no animal could answer. Once Monyet asked animals how they would respond should they be attacked by enemies from another territory?


Have they thought of any effective plans? The animals could only stare at him in disbelief. The work enemy was never in their vocabulary. They had been too comfortable in this cozy habitat to worry about enemies. It was only the increasing population and reduction of flood that led them to decide on a king to settle their squabbles.


Now that the decision had been made, it was back to life as usual. Lion would decide for them and he would always be right. After all, they chose him to be their king, did not they? Besides, a king can never be wrong.

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