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Don't know what is love , but the business of today

If you've the success, you are the good and great

Don't know what is honesty, but the way to lie

If you've the money, you are the honest & great

Don't know who is genius, but the way to cheat

If you've the power, you are fine and great 

Let me change this topic while leading you the way

The way of justice, which is never been discovered

All the glory of this path is you and only you

Be like the person like the pray of a mother

For her son to have a life with diamonds

Like the way he want but with truth and real life 

Don't think we are nothing in this world 

Think about the sea its nothing but the drops

Be united for the purpose like the power you have

Use your mind and clear bloody drops




Written by Zeeshan Khan

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I am working in Bitlanders as a Translator and writter. Profession: Electronic Engineer Big projects: Control system designing , Fpga controls auto Traffic light etc Member at: IEEE Future Plan: To work on drones for benefit of mankind. Aim: To finish the energy crises by giving my best to make…

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