The Lady of Myanmar

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The Lady of Myanmar 

Written by Nikki Shaver

Continuing with my research into Myanmar for last week's article, I discovered a movie that has been made about a wonderful woman who was a pro democracy pioneer in Myanmar, named Aung San Suu Kyi. The film is called "The Lady" and actress Michelle Yeoh portrays Suu Kyi with moving grace. 

The film moves very often between showing Suu Kyi kept prisoner under house arrest and scenes of her husband Michael who had to raise their children in England. Michelle Yeoh’s acting is wonderful and precise, but some reviews have said the director missed opportunities to truly reveal Suu Kyi at a deeper level. However, many think that this film will encourage more people to learn about the democracy movement that has been happening in Myanmar. 

While Suu Kyi is under house arrest in the film, it shows thousands of activists are jailed, while she receives a Nobel Peace Prize for her work in democracy. She was denied all contact with her husband and children for many years, but still Suu Kyi wouldn't leave Myanmar because the government would more than likely have never let her return again. Suu Kyi's sacrifices to bring peace and democracy to her country's government are and were astounding. Finally, she was freed after almost 20 years under house arrest. The people of Myanmar were generally excited and relieved when this happened. 

Currently, the National League for Democracy is officially represented in Myanmar. Suu Kyi returned to her position in May 2012. The government still resists her ideas and also has one of the world’s worst ever human rights records. While on a recent trip to the USA, Suu Kyi  was quoted as saying, “We are not yet at the end of our struggle, but we are getting there.”



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