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Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is called the liberator of the Indian Muslims because he wanted to liberate them from the chains of slavery in order to mould them into a solid nation.


Physically the Quaid was a very thin and lean man. But he had on iron will to do any task in his life. In the last ten years of his life he worked double tides for the achievement of a separate home land. Hard work told upon his health. His doctors advised him complete bed rest. But he refused to do so. As the date of independence come near, some Sikh leaders plotted to kill the Quaid. Lord mount batten cautioned the Quaid against the danger but he remained fearless.


On the 2nd of August the people received the Quaid at the Karachi Airport when he reached there as the first Governor General of Pakistan. But he remained and humble as usual. On the 11th of August the first constituent Assembly of Pakistan chose the Quaid its first President. In his speech, he stressed the need for the framing of the constitution and the eradication of all soul evils. Stress religious tolerance, he said that everyone was free and independent in this state of Pakistan. In the same meeting the tital of Quaid-e-Azam was also given to him by Rana Liaqat Ali Khan. The national flag was also improved.


On the 14th of August, the Quaid went to the Governor Generals house after the formal ceremonies in the assembly Hall. There were secret plans to kill the Quaid during this state drive. When the state drive reached its gal, the Quaid said as a joke to Mountbatten, thank God, I have brought you quite alive after the formal ceremonies. The new state of Pakistan emerged on the map of the world. 

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