The Life after the Death

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It was so hard when the death of my father occurred last August 2012. It was so hard when it comes to financial and from all aspects of life, I made myself really sacrificed all that I have and had gone into moments that my body sometimes resists but sometimes really cannot. I am really blessed since i had people helping me but as time comes by really we cannot be so confident that our relatives can take all the we are sometimes we made mistakes and that mistake misleads us sometimes but to them those things are vital and we are blamed so much and we are really been told that we are so and so failure of something that we do not have the ability to retaliate because we do not have the capability or sometimes even if we are right we are just so much into something that we really never meant to be. I personally have experiences about this and a shut my mouth just to remain silent and be at peace. I do believe that God has plans for me and he was just waiting for the right time and all that I would do was to be in his words and be a new man again.


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