the life of a farmer in Pakistan

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In Pakistani villages life is same as thousands years ago and they can not change with time. They are houses, dresses, manners and customs are not change after spending huge time. In this modern world, the farmers do not change their life style and weight of agriculture.

They use same kind of boughs and bullock cart like there ancestors . the farmers in the Pakistani villages are mostly uneducated and they do not even know how to read and write. They do only that which was done by there ancestors. Some people live in town and other our lives in villages. Farmer is a very important part of every country in the whole world because the economy of every country depends upon the goods which was produced in the country.

The farmer grow more and more food as a result the economy will run towards betterment. The whole nation depends on the farmers food and if the farmers do not work then the people's will die due to hungry ness. The farmer work hard and take care of their crops day and night then the product will be increases. In Pakistani villages, the farmers mostly grow rice, sugarcane,  wheat, vegetables and fruits.

In spite of the these farmers are uneducated, they know his work and preformed in a better way. He know that how to make the land for agriculture. The condition of the farmers are very miserable even they spend simple life but they are very poor due to less income. They do not afford the tractor for agriculture.

They spend very hard life. There get up early in the morning before sunrise and takes his way to the field and work the whole day in the field. Even did on their lunch in the fields under the shade of trees. In summer season the farmer face so many hardships because the day is very hot and it is very difficult to work in the field but  the farmers are so work in this condition.

The farmers go his home at night. The life of the farmer is changes according to the season. There work is easier in winter season as compared to summer season. The farmers have no time for extra activities. They celebrate Eid only two times in a year. The farmers mostly likes the domestic pets which are dogs, horses, parrots, pigeons, hens, goats.

The health of the farmer are better as compared to other people because they face hardships and due to work in the field they become healthy and physically very strong. In short the farmers spend a simple life. They eat fresh food and live in a clean environment. In spite of all these difficulties they will be happy in his life and work for the betterment of country.

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