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14th Century AD The Lion Paint of Lankathilaka Rajamaha Viharaya

This is a Paint of Lankathilaka Rajamaha Viharaya Udunuwara Central Province Sri Lanka.  This Picture was Painted on 14th Century and This was found 2 -3 year Back.  This Was Painted on The Original Wall of the Ancient Construction but and Original Walls were closed by the New plaster Layer Done for Back in Days.  part  of the New Plaster Layer has collapsed so part of this paint was visible then they carefully reviled the picture without making any damaging to the walls and now that can be seen as below the paint is Lion of the proud Symbol of Sinhalese in Sri Lanka.

The picture is somewhat blurred  sorry for that I was in the  hurry to take this picture so the camera was little shaken.  I'm going to write full detail blog about this ancient Buddhist Temple when I get some free time mean while you can enjoy the beautiful paint.

All these colors they have made the traditional way of make colors like soil, tree leaves etc.

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