The Longest Wedding Dress in the World

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Chengdu - A dressmaker to create a wedding dress along 4.100 meters and managed to beat the previous record holder.

What nonsense creative people to break the world record. A number of tailors in China to make a wedding dress along 4.100 meters to break the previous record for a wedding dress. Dress it manages to be the new record holder with a size of 1.123 is longer than the previous record holder dresses and 1,5 meters wide. Super long wedding dress was sold for 40.000 renminbi, or about 79 million dollars.

As reported by the Mirror, in addition to be made to break records with the tail dresses made ​​of thin translucent piece of cloth was also made ​​to welcome National Day holiday People's Republic of China. The tailor spend time during the month to send in pursuit of their masterpiece is. Because of its length, the workers in Xiangxunshangu must spread the additional material on the wedding dress in a flower plantation in Chengdu, Southwest China.

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