The Looming Fate of the Ghostbusters Reboot

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Reboots and Sequels

Many people probably noticed that in the past few years, popular shows, movies and series from many moons ago have been rebooted. Besides that, movie sequels seems to be the in thing nowadays. Some good examples of reboots include Spiderman films, the Fantastic Four, Terminator franchise, etc... As for sequels you got an upcoming Harry Potter film, one from the Star Wars Universe, and many more.

This post however is about an upcoming remake that will be shown to theaters less than a week from now. I am talking about the remake of the popular and huge 80s hit - Ghostbusters!

Who You Gonna Call?

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Back in the 80s, a popular catchphrase is "Who you gonna call?" Some readers may see it as a normal question, but people who belongs to Gen X and Y probably knows better (In fact they probably read that line with a tune in mind).

Anyway, this particular catchphrase is made popular by the Ghostbusters Franchise. I used the term franchise since Ghostbusters is more than just a popular 1984 movie. Although, it started out as one, due to its mainstream success, it branched out to other medias such as cartoon television series, toy lines, video games, etc...


The Original Ghostbusters of the 80s - a background

Before talking about the reboot, it is important to know some background of the original Ghostbusters. In this section we’ll talk about its conception, premise, characters, and other pertinent details.

As mentioned, Ghostbusters was a blockbuster film last 1984. Its genre is of the supernatural and comedic type whose premise includes four parapsychologists. For those who are not aware, “Parapsychology” is not a fictional or made-up scientific term for the show. It is actually a field of study that deals with the investigation of paranormal and psychic phenomena.

So basically, the core premise of the Ghostbusters universe revolves around four male parapsychologists who investigates so-called other-worldly and paranormal phenomenon. And during these adventures, it is their role to capture ghosts using various array of technologies.

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Sounds like a plot for kids, what caused its breakthrough?

This is actually an interesting question. Just how did the franchise achieved global popularity? Personally, I will attribute the success to three factors explained below.

The Cast

Recognized veteran actors and actresses are chosen to cast in the 1984 film. Many of the ones casted for a notable role are already popular in their own right. Great examples would be Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Sigourney Weaver, Rick Moranis, etc…

The technology mixed with the supernatural

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Back in those days, technology and futuristic concepts are a big hit. People are just curious to see something that revolves around this concept since such movies are full of special effects. Additionally, supernatural themes already have its own loyal followers. Combining these two together is an instant formula for success. This is one of the reasons why the film is a critical success.

The Soundtrack

There are only few movies where the audience strongly associates the theme song with the movie itself – and fortunately, Ghostbusters' soundtrack is one of those.

The popular catchphrase "Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!" came from the Ghostbusters movie. The song was written by Ray Parker Jr and became an instant hit. Listed below are some accolades garnered by the song as well as its video clip from YouTube.

Accolades / Praises:

• Number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for three straight weeks.
• Top spot on the Black Singles chart for two weeks
• Many celebrities have partake a small part in the song’s video footage

Song’s Video / Movie Soundtrack

(Video Source: Vevo YT Channel of Ray Parker Jr.)


Idea of a 2016 Ghostbusters Remake - Good or Bad?

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Let's now talk about the Ghostbusters 2016 remake since you already have a general idea of the franchise's world wide popularity and wide cultural impact.

Rebooting a well known franchise appears to be a good idea nowadays. Many remakes have been welcomed by fans and is successful in different aspects (particularly in the financial department)

However, it is important to note that banking on the popularity of the franchise alone is not enough. There are many contributable factors that must be considered to ensure the success of the reboot.


GB Reboot Trailer – Most Disliked Video!

As can be seen on the sub-heading's title, it seems that the decision to change a key component of the original franchise didn’t sit well with the fans – what used to be four male Ghostbusters are now four female Ghostbusters.

Thinking about it, some of the fans are probably upset about it which is why the trailer of the film received some major backlash – earning it the title of “Most Disliked Movie Trailer” in YouTube. Readers who are wondering what does it take to be the most dislike movie in YouTube – let’s just say that as of writing time, the number of dislikes the trailer received is 923,500.

At this point, I’m not going to say anything about the vid. Here is the link of the said trailer – you could watch and judge for yourself:

(Video Source:


What’s wrong with the new Ghostbusters

So far all the details found in this blog will eventually lead to this question. Personally, after reading / hearing the details of the reboot, I feel neutral about the film. This should already tell something since Ghostbusters have been a huge part of my childhood. Needless to say, if you'll have a chance to relive something from your past, it is natural to feel excited about it. Unfortunately, this is not the effect the Ghostbusters remake has for me.

I'm not a gender racist and I don't discriminate against people's choice of sexual orientation. I know there is a good reason why the writers / creators of the reboot go the way they did (maybe to grab a new set of audience) - but for me, I still love the concept that I watched many years back.

Anyway, even though there is the decision to cast an all female group for the four main characters, I feel neutral about the film after seeing the trailer. I'm still undecided if I will see it at the cinemas - and if I did, I hope it will deliver something great not found on the trailers.

That's it for this blog. Before ending, let me just say that personally, I think Seth Rogen, James Franco, Paul Rudd, or any of the actors in that circle would have made modern Ghostbusters.

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