The Magic Cube-Idea

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The Magic Cube, A childhood memory.

Have you ever got so annoyed and angry over the Rubix Cube you just want to throw it at the wall?

My idea for a short Non Fiction is all about the cube. How Frustrating it gets, How its made, and why its so addictive.

The Cube has sold over 350 million worldwide, making it one of the worlds best selling toys. It fascinated me how we could sit for hours trying to complete it, and how interactive the puzzle is, your mates would start butting in telling you to "turn it left" or "no, You've messed it up, you Idiot" It was enjoyable to play but at the same time stressfull, and most of all you didn't need computer games, or the latest console to have fun.

I want to make a Shot Film that involves colourful graphics, memories, groups completing it and the thoughts on the cube, with also a bit of history too.

(Test Footage- This would be part of the Graphic, or history montage)

At the moment this is just an initial idea, I hope to build on this and create it during my second year of university.

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