The main problem of Pakistan.... Terrorism

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Today i am going to talk about the condition of Pakistan... There are many problems in Pakistan on which i want to talk but today i will talk about the activities of terrorist they perform & their present condition . I am going to talk about terrorism in Pakistan & its end also...



Terrorism is also one of the biggest poblem of Pakistan. The terrorist enter in different areas of Pakistan such as Karachi, Quetta, Lahore, Waziristan etc .They use Islamabad as their headquarters where they plan their every activity during the previous few years thousands of peoples were killed in firing & blasts by those terrorists.

They also take control on the towns & small colonies they killed thousands of people in firing & blast . They killed many childrens & women in it also.They don't want to see peace in this nation but their all missions & plans are destroyed by Pak army.


When Pak army started the operation against those terrorist then they have no place to hide anywhere many terrorist use differents ways to hide from Pak army but that was impossible during that they wanted to ran away to the other places but Pak army didn't let them to do that.During this terrorist also attack airbase of Pakistan but due to security forces they failed in their mission. During operation many terrorists are killed many wanted to hide but gunship helicopters also killed them many wanted to run but that was not easy. But during this many Pak army soldiers also died & acheive the status of shaheed.

I pray that my country Pakistam live long & prosper. Everyone of us want to see peace in their country we all should pray for our countries & should do our full effort to regain peace in our country...

& our country should get a good place in comittee of nations. Everybody wants to see their country at that place...& it was also the dream of our great Quaid...i solute you our great leader ...


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