The Marble Caves of Chile

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The Marble Caves is geological creation of rare beauty. These caves have developed in a pure marble and are bathed in the deep blue water of General Carrera Lake.

Blue water - The vast General Carrera Lake is fed by rivers coming from numerous glaciers of Patagonian Andes. The ice of glaciers comprises of small particles and, once the ice melts, numerous particles remain suspended in the water. This gives an unusual effect - the glacial meltwater is slightly turbid and it refracts the blue part of sunlight. Directly to this the water of General Carrera Lake has a distinct blue color.

Marble monoliths - Near the small town Puerto Tranquilo cliffs of pure marble are raising from the lake water. Marble is visible in peninsula some 5 km south-east from Puerto Tranquilo and in a group of islands (consisting of pure marble!) several kilometers north-east from the peninsula.


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