The Memories of My Dog named Aubrey

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I generally love my pet whether they respect me or not. One of my favorite dog was "Aubrey". Aubrey was given to me by one of my companions named AC. Aubrey was one year old when she was given to me.

I remembered that she very nearly bite the cabbie driver that we used to ride that day. When we are in the house, she shows some forceful conducts and my wife did notice it. She was then taught by the regular "affixing" her in a "detached" a piece of the house.

After a week she transformed her demeanor and she was tamed like a puppy that we have been with for quite a long while. Until that they we cherished her and as she if conceived an offspring on his first conceived puppies, she was dependably been a piece of the crew. Aubrey passed on last December 2013 and her memories are in our heart and brain. She was harmed. I don't know who did it however I trust that "karma" is along the route to the individual who executed a guiltless pooch!

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