The Minions

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Bababababanana babababbaba banananaaaa
Potatooo naaaa!!!

Oh who doesn't love the minions?

From the first time I had a glimpse of those cutie patotie yellow creatures, they already had taken a part of my heart. There was this time when mcDonalds had offered minions included in their meals and so while I was in Dubai that time, I made it a point to dine at mcDonalds inside IBN Batuta for me to get a piece of it.

I was able to collect a few but because of work schedule, I am not really able to go to the mall. Whenever I have the luxury of time, the minions available are those which I already have. And so I was really frustrated.
Then their promo had ended and yet I was only able to collect four pieces. I really got upset but then, life has to move on. My boyfriend though was able to keep one for me. When I came back, he gave me this little cutie. Well then I guess it was the best one since he was given by my love.

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