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"I'm like a Jack of all trades who's a master of none." - Dallas Green, The Grand Optimist


Whuddup fellow Film Annex-ers!

So before I begin with the whole new world that is blogging, let me introduce myself. I'm BB. Welcome.

Enough small talk. So, in this day and age, I've noticed that everyone has more than one 'thing' that he or she is into. It can be anything from sports, fashion, culinary, politics, cinema, literature, music,  blah-de-blah-de-blah! So, let me let you guys out there know what this blog is about. It's about me. It's about all of the things that I like, which happens to be a lot of what I mentioned. Maybe some days I'm gonna talk about some recipe I came up with, and I would want to show the world. Maybe I wanna talk about MMA. Hell, I might want to talk about becoming a father of twin girls, and how I may or may not feel it was a sign of God. Whatever I decide to blog about, it will be my MO. As long as I have interested readers, you will learn about me, and all the ridiculous that goes along with my writings, my photos, my videos. I hope you guys enjoy, and please be free to leave a comment or two, here and there. I'll be waiting.

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That weird age between saying you're an adult and being an adult. The difference lies within moments that forever change the very core of your being. The crossroad that I currently lie... Sorry. Mid 20's. Love new adventures. Read my blogs to learn more.

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