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 We are stronger, faster and more successful in accomplishing our goals when in the company of other people. I came across this idea while reading Adam Alter’s Drunk Tank Pink, which described studies showing the amazing benefits that working in a group has on our success and work ethic, making us stronger all-around.


This simple concept is very beneficial for us in more ways than we can imagine. I’m sure we can all relate to this experience either at work, school or any other environment. We subconsciously work harder and are more driven while working with a group of people or even one other person, as opposed to working alone. This concept is known as social learning and we have all experienced it on multiple occasions.

 I was pretty moved by this concept because it’s all around us but many of us, including me, don’t realize its there. Meanwhile, it is the key to overall strength across all fields. If you think about it, a great example is let’s say we are going for a run.

 In this scenario, we are running by ourselves; how fast and how long do you think you’ll run for? Probably a decent amount of time but, wouldn’t you feel more pressured, thus, more driven with a partner running alongside you? For the majority of us, the answer is yes.

 Truth be told, social learning is how we become stronger both mentally and physically across all fields, any career and any sport. Alter actually used the example of one of the strongest athletes in the world, Husain Bolt who actually runs faster because the crowd loves him and he loves the crowd. Bolt always entertains a crowd with his famous bolt pose before running; he feels the eyes of the crowd and their support.

Everyone is more successful when in the company of others, especially supportive company. When we feel there is an extra set of eyes on us, we are more productive and more determined to succeed, as we do not want this extra set of eyes to look down upon us rather view us in a purely positive light.

 So next time you seek that extra boost of mental strength for a stressful task invite a friend, colleague, or family member to help. In the end, they will only boost your will to succeed. 

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