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3D printers use the latest technology to bring 3d design in to real 3d objects. 3D printers sales might double by 2015, and will let down in the price of 3d printers and usage of technology will get wider in other industries too. According to analyst firm Gartner.

Pete Basiliere, research director at Gartner told in a statement. “The 3D printer market has reached its inflection point”. “While still a nascent market, with hype outpacing the technical realities, the speed of development and rise in buyer interest are pressing hardware, software and service providers to offer easier-to-use tools and materials that produce consistently high-quality results.”

“As the products rapidly mature, organizations will increasingly exploit 3D printing’s potential in their laboratory, product development and manufacturing operations,” he added. “In the next 18 months, we foresee consumers moving from being curious about the technology to finding reasons to justify purchases as price points, applications and functionality become more attractive.”

"Office superstore Staples is already in the market, and other superstores and consumer goods retailers, such as Yamada Denki, are prime candidates to sell printers and finished 3D printed items.
"Their presence in the market will have an impact on average selling prices, forcing providers into low-margin sales of consumer 3DP by 2017," Basiliere Added.

Gartner firm added that 3d printing technology has been widely spread and possibilities of new 3d printing companies will rise in next few years. The cost of raw materials will reduce as a result the price might get down. This 3d printing technology will expand in other industries like construction, education, energy, government, medical products, military, retail, telecommunications, transportation and utilities sectors. Due to high competition the price might come down as the consumers and users will double in 2015

3d printers spending will increase by 43% as the total cost of buying was $288 million in 2012 and has been forecasted to hit 412 million at the end of this year. Researchers have also predicted that it will increase by 62% in next year. 

3d printing produces have started to focus on providing accurate results in order to sustain in competition. Gartner reckons the former group will contribute to the development of a 3D printing ‘killer app’ — some form of “plug and play” tool — that will be key to driving consumer sales in future.  ”We expect that a compelling consumer application — something that can only be created at home on a 3D printer — will hit the scene by 2016,” Basiliere added.

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