The Most Dangerous Animals for Humans in the World Part-1

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The Most Dangerous Animals for Humans in the World


Hey! I’m again here with another fascinating article about the animals which are most dangerous for humans in the world. I will explain 20 animals in this article which are found to be the most dangerous according to a survey. This will be very interesting and food for thoughts for all of you. I hope that you people will enjoy while reading this.

It is in the nature of every living thing that it protects its own life because its own life is the most important thing for itself. Physically, man is a very weak animal among all the animals on this earth that is why he has been dependent on weapons for his protection from the ancient times of stone to till now in the world of machines and robots. Meanwhile, we mostly see that the other animals save their lives with the help of their power or any other capability in the time of danger.

This fact should be kept in mind that except humans, all the animals attack other animals only in the time of danger to save their lives or at the time when some animal is dying of hunger and then attacks the other animal to eat its meat. God has given mind and knowledge to humans that is why he can protect himself from those animals which are much stronger than him. He cannot only protect himself but he can also control them. An international organization has completed a survey in which they have written about the animals which kill humans annually. For your interest, I am writing them all in this article.


What is Alligator?

An alligator is a crocodilian in the genus Alligator of the family Alligatoridae. Several extinct species of alligator are known from fossil remains.

The name "alligator" is probably an anglicized form of el lagarto, the Spanish term for "the lizard", which early Spanish explorers and settlers in Florida called the alligator. Later English spellings of the name included allagarta and alagarto.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Source: Wikipedia

Image Source: via Wallpaper Abyss - Alpha Coders

This belongs to the family of a crocodile. At present time, its two kinds are found on the earth.

1.    American Alligator

2.    Chinese Alligator

According to the scientists, this animal has appeared on the earth round about 66 million years ago. An average American Alligator is round about 13 feet long and 300 kilograms heavy. This is a carnivore animal and it normally eats fishes, turtles, birds and other reptiles. Sometimes, it also eats small animals like deer too.

Humans Killed per Year:

These dangerous alligators kill 1 man yearly.


Sharks could be defined as:

Sharks are a group of elasmobranch fish characterized by a cartilaginous skeleton, five to seven gill slits on the sides of the head, and pectoral fins that are not fused to the head. Modern sharks are classified within the clade Selachimorpha and are the sister group to the rays. However, the term "shark" has also been used for extinct members of the subclass Elasmobranchii outside the Selachimorpha, such as Cladoselache and Xenacanthus, as well as other Chondrichthyes such as the holocephalid eugenedontidans.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Source: Wikipedia


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Shark is counted in dangerous kinds of fishes. It is famous for being very dangerous as this animal is full of anger and kills and destroys whatever comes in its way. It is also famous for its sharp teeth and dangerously looking jaws. A few decades ago, a film was made on it and it got so famous that its sequel was also made. It is thought that shark was found on the earth round about some 420 million years ago. The smallest kind of shark is known as “Dwarf Lantern Shark” which is only 17 centimeters long. On the other hand, the longest shark is known as “Whale Shark” which is round about 40 feet long. Shark is found in all the seas of the world.  Usually, sharks cannot live without seawater or in other words it can only live in freshwater but there are some kinds of sharks which can live in freshwater like in rivers or streams. “Bull Shark” and “River Shark” can live in fresh water. Here are its some famous kinds

1.    Great White Shark

2.    Tiger Shark

3.    Blue Shark

4.    Hammer Head Shark

The average age of shark is 20 to 30 years.

Humans Killed per Year:

This dangerous animal kills 5 people annually.


The Famous kind of wolves is known as “Gray Wolf”. They are found in North America and Eurasia. The male wolf has an average weight of 43 to 45 kilograms whereas; the female wolf has 36 to 38 kilograms of weight.

Grey Wolf can be defined as:

The gray wolf or grey wolf  also known as the timber wolf or western wolf, s a canine native to the wilderness and remote areas of Eurasia and North America. It is the largest extant member of its family. Like the red wolf, it is distinguished from other Canis species by its larger size and less pointed features, particularly on the ears and muzzle. Its winter fur is long and bushy and predominantly a mottled gray in color, although nearly pure white, red, and brown to black also occur.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Source: Wikipedia

It has one another kind which is known as “Red Wolf”. The wolves which are found in cold regions have a long haired and thick fur on them which is very precious. They live in groups in forests and hunt. They are famous for their cruelty. It is said that in the summer seasons, when they do not find any prey then they all sit in a circle and all the wolves look into the eyes of each other attentively. As soon as any weak wolf downs his eye, all the wolves attack it and eat it all. In the nights of full moon, their howling makes the atmosphere very dangerous. According to a tale, in the night of full moon, some people become wolves. Such people are known as “Were Wolf”. Many novels have been written on it and many movies are made on this title.

This is how wolves attack and hunt:

Video Source:  THE TOP 10 via

Humans Killed per Year:

On average rate, wolves kill 10 people annually.



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The relation between human and horse is very old. A horse is not only used for riding but it has been also used for carrying goods and participating in the sports. Cabin in the whole world and Tonga in Subcontinent is a traditional ride. Before the arrival of motor cars, it was not only a ride but it was also a symbol of the richness of rich people. A horse is considered to be the symbol of power and superiority. The best use of horses was in the wars. In this modern world, the horse is still a faithful animal to use in the wars. It is said the life of horses has started on the earth round about 45 to 55 million years ago. Humans started to pet the horses somewhere 4000BC. Its average age is round about 25 to 30 years. Its height is near about 142 centimeters to 163 centimeters and its weight is round about 380 kilograms to 550 kilograms. The horses with small height are known as “Pony”.

Still, we use the unit “horsepower” to measure the power of any motor or machine. We found some information about such horses having two wings which can fly. But these are only tales.

Humans Killed per Year:

Unfortunately, this human-friendly animal kills 20 people annually on an average rate.


The cheetah  is a large felid of the subfamily Felinae . The cheetah is characterised by a slender body, deep chest, spotted coat, a small rounded head, black tear-like streaks on the face, long thin legs and a long spotted tail. Its lightly built, slender form is in sharp contrast with the robust build of the big cats, making it more similar to the cougar. Though taller than the leopard, it is notably smaller than the lion. Typically yellowish tan or rufous to greyish white, the coat is uniformly covered with nearly 2,000 solid black spots.

                                                                                                                                                                                Source: Wikipedia

Cheetah belongs to the family of a cat. Cheetah has the fastest speed among all the animals on earth. This animal can reach a speed of 112 kilometers per hour within few moments. It is mostly found in east and South Africa. It is also found in some areas of Iran and South Asia. Its one kind is also found in polar areas which are known as “White Cheetah.  Cheetahs usually hunt in the day and mostly deer become its prey. It hunts its prey after a long and fast chase.

This is how Cheetah chases down and hunts its prey:

Video Source:  BBC via

Humans Killed per Year:

This dangerous animal kills 29 people annually.




Image Source: via Northwest

These small and tiny creatures are present on our earth from more than 99 million years. It has a total of 22 thousand kinds out of which only 12.5 thousand have been known yet. They live under the ground. They have well-arranged colonies underground and live in a very disciplined way. They fulfill their duties with full devotion. There are labor, army and ruler ants. The other types of these ants are known as forest ants which are poisonous in nature and could be dangerous for many large animals because of their large numbers. They are found in the whole world except Antarctica, Greenland, and Iceland. It has been also described in Holy Quran. They travel in lines and their cooperation is exemplary.


Humans Killed per Year:

On an average rate, these ants kill 30 humans annually.


Jellyfish can be defined in this way that:

Jellyfish or jellies are softbodied, free-swimming aquatic animals with a gelatinous umbrella-shaped bell and trailing tentacles. The bell can pulsate to acquire propulsion and locomotion. 

                                                                                                                                                                              Source: Wikipedia

This is a sticky animal with soft skin and it travels freely in the sea. The shape of the jellyfish is like an umbrella having flower-like petals hanging down. It swims like a motion of beat. The petals which are hanging down along with it are used for hunting and they also save it from its enemies because these petals are poisonous. They are found in every sea from the surface to seabed. Its some kinds are also found in the fresh water. It has many colors and looks very beautiful. It is found in the seas from about 500 million years to 700 million years. It does not have a backbone in its skeleton. Its thickness is round about 1 millimeter and its area could be 6 feet.


Image Source: via Wallpaper Abyss

Humans Killed per Year:

If we talk about an average rate then this animal kills 40 people annually.


Everyone knows the house flies, honey bees, and their stings. All the people are annoyed of house flies and benefits from the honey bees. But, there are other flies other than the honey bees which bite. Their description is written below:

1. Deer Fly:

This is found on the American continent and to whom it bites, he falls in fever. The fever due to its bite is known as “Rabbit Fever”. This fever can be directly caused due to its bite or from the affected person who has been already bitten by this fly.

It is 1/4th inches in length and its growth starts in the season of spring.

2. Horse Fly:

Image Source: via Shutter Stock

It is 1 inch long or more than 1 inch. Some of them are completely black color and some have only greenheads which are known as “Green Headers”. The color of their eyes is glittering green. Their mouth is like a scissors by which they can drink blood after biting on the skin. Their bite is very painful. These are physically strong flies as compared to the other flies. These flies mostly rely on the blood of other animals.  Their average age is 2 years.

3. Stable Fly:

It is almost 1/4th inches long and it has 4 lines of dark color behind its head. This is just like a usual house fly. The only difference is that it has tiny trunks by which it can suck the blood. It is found abundantly in the end of summer or in the beginning of autumn. It can travel many miles to suck the blood of pet animals and humans. Mostly it bites in the early morning or after the sunset and their target is to bite on the ankle of the animals. Their bite is very painful. They lay their eggs on rotten vegetables or on hay.


Image Source: via mosi guard natural

4. Black Fly:

These are not very long. Their length is only near about one-eighth of an inch. They have long wings and there is a small hump on its back. It can travel about 10 miles in search of blood. There is no chance of any disease with its bite. The wound due to its bite heals very slowly and it can cause death due to the suction of more blood and swelling. It mostly bites on head, neck or at a place where the clothes are tight.


Image Source: via Hatena Blog

5. Biting Midge:

They are very tiny flies. Their length is round about one by thirty-two of an inch. They are also known as “Pinkies”. Due to its small size, it can enter the house from anywhere easily. Some of its kinds suck the blood of animals, humans and some types of insects.


Image Source: via udn

6. Sand Fly:

Some of its kinds grow on the blood of mammals, reptiles and those animals which live both on land and sea. Usually, they bite at night. In some areas, it also becomes the cause of spreading of diseases.

Humans Killed per Year:

If we talk about the average rate, then these flies kill 53 lives in a year.


What is Reindeer?

The reindeer, also known as caribou in North America, is a species of deer with circumpolar distribution, native to arctic, subarctic, tundra and boreal. This includes both sedentary and migratory populations.

                                                                                                                                                                               Source: Wikipedia

Reindeers are the kinds of deer but they are found in the cold areas of the world like North pole, mountain ranges of Northern Europe, Siberia and North America etc. Christians have a festival of Christmas in which they have a character of Santa Claus who has a cart in which reindeers are attached with his cart. Its description is also found in the 3500 old literature.


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To be Continued…..

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