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"There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise."

Man and woman, both are the basic elements of the universe. The system of this universe is running because of both of them. The world can never be imagined without a man or a woman. Both of them are equally participating in carrying that system. But, it’s a man world after all; everything great is supposed to be performed by a man.


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Whereas, the woman of today is also setting marks and reaching the height of stars. It’s all because of her determination and hard work.


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Whether in today’s world or in history woman has great participation. Females have played an important role in society. Today women are much progressed that they have surpassed their male equivalents.

There is no field in the world today where females are not working. Women are flourishing day by day in every field. From teaching to politics, everything is getting up by women.


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Almost every woman is making efforts keeping within her boundaries. If she is a housewife, she is taking up her home and fulfilling her responsibilities amazingly. If she is a working woman, she is doing her best in both her work and home. Every woman is facilitating the life of her loved ones by working day and night.

While some women have worked much hard that they become an example for whole the world. The fame of their work is endless and they are known worldwide. I am going to put forward the most powerful women in the world. These are the women which are the most successful and strong women of the world. I will discuss them one by one right below.

Angela Merkel


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Angela Merkel is a German politician. She is honoured to be the first female chancellor of Germany. She is also referred as the “Leader of the Free World”. The lady owns such remarkable success after defining significant rules for her life. She is very regular and precautious for her work. She never missed any meeting. She is performing great responsibilities as a leader of most powerful and richest economy, Germany. Her sway and affiliation are likely to influence millions of Europeans and billions of others around the world. The global economy is handed over to Angela and she is effectively performing her duties. This lady has changed the history of Germany completely. She is truly an inspiration.

Dilma Rousseff


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Dilma Rousseff is a Brazilian politician and economist. She served as the 36th president of Brazil. She is the only woman who is elected as the president of Brazil. Not only a president, she was also a socialist. This lady raises voice against the military dictatorship. The strength and courage of this lady make her opposed by strong peoples. She suffered a lot due to her social works. Dilma was tortured, jailed and captured from 1970-1972. Hurdles and cruel people never succeed in breaking her strong spirit. The world will never forget her sacrifices for humanity.

Melinda Gates


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Melinda Gates as the name demonstrates she is the better half of Bill Gates. Her husband is known globally as the founder of Microsoft Corporation. Whereas, Melinda also worked a lot for Microsoft. She started her carrier as the product manager of Microsoft. But today she is giving all her potential for the health and education reforms. She is working for good causes. An organization named "Bill Melinda Gates Foundation” is headed over by Melinda. Her efforts are making health and education system better.  

Hillary Clinton


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All of us are well familiar with Hillary Clinton, the first female sectary of United States. She is a great politician, who brings great reforms in the country. Clinton was also an advocate of gender equality and health reforms. Since her childhood, she uses to feel that men always take women for granted. She wanted to prove the world that a woman has more strength than a man. Her family never wants to limit her abilities due to gender. She worked hard and proved herself.

Susan Diane Wojcicki

Not only in politics, are women also scoring high in the field of technology. Here is an example of the lady named Susan Diane Wojcicki. She is the CEO of and also vice president of search engine google. She is an American businesswoman.


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The tricks and trends used by Susan in advertising are remarkable. She is responsible for making Google such a profitable idea. She is the most significant person in advertising and the most central Googler. She started selling at the age of 11 by going from home to home. And now today she is an example for all the marketing society. She proves that hard work and passion has no substitute.

Oprah Winfrey


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Oprah Winfrey, who is an American television host, actress, producer and entrepreneur. This lady is known for her talk show "The Oprah Winfrey Show”, which is the most successful show all over. She is one of the most influential women of all times. Her viewers are getting more each year. Her talk show is followed by many people all over the world. She is a very talented woman. Her bravery reflects in her words. She works for female empowerment also.

J. K. Rowling


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Joanne Rowling known as J. K. Rowling is a British screenwriter, producer and novelist. She was a single mother whose writings change the history of fictions. Her books are the most selling books in history. She got her break through the Harry Potter Film Franchise. Her enormous way of writing and capturing the attention of audience spellbound on the readers. Her influence not only affects millions of children but also drawn many adults into her world. She won multiple awards for her spectacular work. She is probably a great writer. Her creative mind beautifully executes stories.

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These are the Topmost powerful and influential women. Surely, these women have set standards for all the ladies. Their strength motivates all the ladies and proves that a lady can do anything she wants. A lady can rule the world if she wishes so and works for it.

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