"The most successful people are not always those with more knowledge, but those who know how to manage their emotions in a conflict."

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The true measure of intelligence is not IQ but emotions. The stresses of everyday life, pressure, nerve disorders and requirements among others are situations that have to alter the emotional state in most people, taking them to their limits could say that the result is emotional imbalance and affects their personal development as the workplace, they should be used so cleverly emotions for personal gain so that we benefit at all times.

Sometimes we also believe that a person can be very intelligent solving mental problems, solving operations, or knows definitions or terms of a subject, but the prospect solve a daily problem are locked and do not know a solution then we realize they are not really smart. At all times it is important to manage a great way our emotions as always in our daily lives can be noticed and sometimes cause physical and mental problems but if handled properly can solve many things as much as problems, creating new things, to propose etc. new projects, and we realize that the phrase is correct.