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We all have our ideas about what is our favourite kind of sport, however a lot of people are probably between those who have at least some sort of knowledge about car races, even though many people follow only the most famous ones like Formula 1 and World Rally Championship.

Personally I’ve always been a really big fan of this kind of competitions since I was a child due to my father being really passionate about them, and in the end he pretty much gave me this passion, a passion he still has too. In fact I’ve been watching almost every kind of races for all my life up to this point, and recently a really interesting question came into my mind: what do people think overall about motoring, especially if we go a bit “deeper” in each race, its rules and conditions?
To answer that, on a survey has been created to check and evaluate the thoughts about these questions all around the world. A survey that the website is also using to gather data about the thoughts of the passionate fans of motoring with the aim of understanding their ideas regarding this passion.
The link to the webisite's article:

How the survey looks like at the start of it

This questionnaire starts with some personal questions: where is the user from and how old is he/she, then it starts talking about motoring, which kind of races the user prefers, of which length, if the user is willing to pay to see them and how much, the track’s surface and other question regarding the races until the survey ends. 

For example, I’ve always preferred competitions on circuit (mostly on Single Seater cars) over other ones like rallies. I don’t know, I find races where the drivers try to overtake each other for a certain amount of laps more exciting, rather than see more cars going one after the other with a certain amount of time between each start. Don’t get me wrong, I watched rallies multiple times, I even watched them live when they were nearby, I just prefer a type of races that I find to be more interesting and more compelling.
However, I can easily see why people would answer something different from my ideas. After all, most races can be fun to watch, regardless of the place or the type of competition. We just need to respect what are other people’s tastes and thoughts, even if they express a different idea from ours. Because, after all, "De gustibus non est disputandum" (translatable with “In matters of taste, there can be no disputes”).

You want to express your ideas and thoughts about motoring as well? Click on the link below to start the survey and tell us what you think about races and motoring.

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