The music of the world: Heraion (part 4)

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After more than a year of working on the project, Heraion - In search of life is coming to its end. The amazing sound done by José Luis Canalejo, the voice in off by the awesome Eva Raya, the animated intro, María José Belenguer´s music... Everything is already put into the editing program with incredible results!

Picture by Leticia Reig

This week our american production team Mahal Style and myself are going to Skype and prepare the last shooting for the project (shot at Julien Natural Park, California), while colorist Carlos Corresa prepares the final look for the project in Qatar and Arturo Mora, in Valencia, creates the credit sequence. Nobody can say that this is not a big and international adventure!

Picture by Krissy Fernández

After this project update, I wanted to focus on the final credit sequence by Arturo.

This sequence is very special for me, because it not only closes the film, but the whole 3NESIS project, so I wanted to do something that could link Eiénesis, Aeterna and Heraion in just a minute but also telling something new.

After thinking and talking to some people, Arturo and I reached the final idea which is... well, you´ll have to wait for the film :)

What I can say is from where did we get the inspiration: Pythagoras and his "Musica universalis"

From Wikipedia, which will explain this theory better than myself, Musica universalis is an ancient philosophical concept that regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies—the Sun, Moon, and planets—as a form of musica (the Medieval Latin name for music). This 'music' is not usually thought to be literally audible, but a harmonic and/or mathematical and/or religious concept. The idea continued to appeal to thinkers about music until the end of the Renaissance, influencing scholars of many kinds, including humanists.

The point is, they were right! In 1952 Schumann resonances were discovered, and showed that the Musica universalis is a reality.

For me, this is beautiful, because it means that music is everywhere, at any time, that our lifes are surrounded by it.

This is why Heraion´s credits will look like this, with a beautiful music that mixes the melodies of Eiénesis, Aeterna and Heraion. It will be a very nostalgic ending for me, because I´m closing a big part of my life as a filmmaker, 3NESIS started on 2010 and since then I´ve been working on it non stop...

But every story has its beginning and its end so... Let´s finish it the big way!

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