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The NATO Channel

Through my life I have been aware of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO, because in my early childhood they were the ones keeping us all safe from communism all over the world. NATO was formed by a treaty after World War II to protect recovering countries in the Western Sphere of influence from falling under the power of the Soviet Union. Now the organization no longer has that threat to deal with, it does have many others, from the war on terror to cyber attacks, NATO is still fighting to keep us safe. I was interested to find a television channel on the internet which features all of the current exploits of NATO.

This station is called the NATO Channel and it is featured on a website called the Film Annex. (Click the link or visit   On this site you can watch short informational videos that are produced by NATO but are rather informative.  Watching all these videos is "free", so what could be better than that.  There are only a few glitches you need to get used to.

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As with many sites the Film Annex is clearly commercial driven, and you are bombarded by them from the moment you log on.  One of the more annoying things is that you will find an interesting video that you want to watch, and of course before you get to the goods you have to endure a 30 to 60 minute commercial.  That is all fine and we come to expect it.  They would do better to put the commercials further in, after a minute of content, at least then I would have an inkling about whether it was worth my while or not.

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Powerful Content

The great thing about this site is that you can learn a lot about the world that you would never see from the mainstream media.  That is all of the videos are relatively free from the hype and marketing of the usual market system, so the content is usually presented without any bias and allows you to form an opinion about what you see based on the facts presented.  This is a refreshing change from what most news sites show you.

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Judge for Yourself

You will have to see this channel to judge for yourself if you think it is really fair and balanced or if it needs a little work.  I think that many people will like this channel.   I have included some links to some of the videos so that you can see what I mean.

Facts About NATO

-The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an intergovernmental military alliance based on the North Atlantic Treaty signed on 4 April 1949.

-NATO constitutes a system of collective defense in response to an attack by any external party.

-The NATO headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium.

DISCLAIMER from the NATO Channel: No material produced by NATO is to be sold, used for outside advertising or promotional purposes of any kind. All content taken from NATO and republished must be clearly credited or sourced to NATO. Photos, videos and articles are released under the legally recognized terms of "Fair Use" to members of the press, academia, non-profits and the general public. No material is to be used in programs, articles or online publications of any kind that defame NATO or its member countries. Material is provided, free of charge, for use in objective and balanced content, even if at times the end products may be critical of NATO. In instances where a member country is criticized, NATO wishes it to be made known that it does not associate itself with the contents of the article, publication or broadcast. NATO reserves the right to request the removal of NATO copyrighted material from any externally created content.




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