The new rule means I have to change the way I do things in Bitlanders

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The new rule has kicked in, and I have to change the way I do things in Bitlanders.


Since the new rule says that buzz on blogs with 2 or more stars will be counted, I will not buzz those microblogs or blogs without any star.


It is a waste of time to continue with the buzz.


I will either add a written comment or I will add an emoticon to show that I have read the blog or microblog or video or picture.


The other factors affecting buzz score have not changed.


That means in order to keep my buzz score, I will have to write more blogs and more microblogs.


Writing will add to buzz score, but buzzing will not.


That is good.  I enjoy writing anyway.


The only thing is that I do not have enough gems to send all my blogs for reviews.


Believe me, if I put my heart into it, I can easily write 5 blog posts of 1000 words each.


I have a good imagination, and I have been writing for many years.


There was a time when I wrote 10 solid blogs in a day consistently for a month.

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