The New York Knicks: a New Hope

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“Hope” a word far removed from a Kicks fan’s vocabulary; for them it almost sounds like it’s from a foreign language. It is not even their fault in the last 14 years the Knicks have only won one playoff game. Our season have been plagued by injury and dysfunctional teams, coaches, and players.

Last Wednesday Derrick Rose brought a little speck of hope when he said “We’re going to get to the point where we’re going to bring some Knick fans back to us.” Although he didn’t say the word hope it almost seems like Derrick Rose is suggesting that Knicks fans believe in the Knicks again. Then again with the Nets ranked fourteenth in the eastern conference finals there aren’t any other NBA teams for New Yorkers to root for.

Rose is not entirely wrong, currently the Knicks ranked are above a .500 a with a record of 15-13. This puts them in fifth place in the eastern conference; the New York Knicks are very close to clinching a playoff spot. As long as they remain above the eighth spot they will be in the playoffs.

The current success can be traced to the Knicks big three: Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, and Kristaps Porzingis. Melo is leading the Knicks in scoring averaging 22.8 points per game, Rose has 16.7, and Porzingis has 20.2. Together, these three starters have allowed the Knicks to win the 13 games this season, and hopefully they will allow the kicks to win 50
 in order to guarantee New Yorkers the opportunity to still have a team to watch after April 15th.

A surprise performer for the Knicks has been Brandon Jennings. Coming from Orlando, and coming off the bench again in New York, he is leading the team in assist. He had a team high of 19 points when the Knicks played the Lakers. He is a great addition for the Knicks and as very productive member to help pick up the slack when Rose is out because of injury.

In the last few years Rose’s knees have been spotty at best. He had three season ending injuries. He is sitting out tonight’s game against Orlando because of back spasms. If he can keep healthy he will a very important to the post-season success of the Knicks.

This season presents some light at the end of the tunnel for Knicks fans, it also presents the start of a very promising new decade for the Knicks franchise to hopefully began to win games, and possibly, one day, bring a championship to New York.

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